ALERT: The Government of Equatorial Guinea threatens to dissolve the opposition party Convergence for Social Democracy (CPDS)

At a meeting held on August 8 with several ministers and representatives of all legalized political parties, the Interior Minister of Equatorial Guinea, Faustino NdongEsonoEyang, said that he was going to prepare a report that he would present to the Government in order to request the dissolution of CPDS .

The minister informed, without giving further details, that “a CPDS leader” had been arrested for his alleged involvement in a terrorism case, He is accused of complicity  with an exiled, convicted in absentia in the last macro trial held this year in Bata for attempted coup. In fact, this political party has been denouncing since 07/12/2019, that, Luis Mba Esono, a CPDS militant from Mikomeseng District, has been detained and has been kept in an unknown location since 07/10/2019, without any explanation from the government.

The minister stated that CPDS already had a long history of attempts to destabilize the country and that its Secretary General, Andrés EsonoOndo, would have to prove his innocence from these allegations, otherwise, this party will be dissolved immediately. The Interior Minister boasted that two opposition political parties have already been dissolved in Equatorial Guinea without any consequence, and, the dissolution of CPDS would not cause a problem either.

The threat of the Interior Minister was supported by the Secretary General of the Government Democratic Party of Equatorial Guinea, Jerónimo Osa Osa Ekoro, and by the Deputy Minister in charge of Human Rights, Alfonso Nsue Mokuy, while the other political parties attending the meeting, more than a dozen, showed sympathy towards CPDS.

Despite the outstanding democratic record, and peaceful profile of CPDS, The government of Equatorial Guinea, is willing to dissolve this political party. We believe that, the totalitarian drift of the regime in recent years and the intensification of false accusations against CPDS and its secretary general is due to the succession plans of President Obiang to favor his own son. The presence of CPDS in the political spectrum would cause serious challenges to the continuity of the dictatorship after any eventual disappearance of Obiang.

This current situation, puts the life of the general secretary of CPDS and other members of this political party at risk. 

CPDS  is therefore asking  the international community, specifically the European Union (Spain, France, Portugal and Germany), the United States and the African Union, along with all progressive political parties, integrated into the International Socialist and the Progressive Alliance, to put pressure on the regime of Equatorial Guinea, not only to prevent the illegal dissolution of CPDS, but also, to democratize the country.

MALABO, August 12th 2019


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